Makin a Memory

Fishing by yourself can be a relaxing way to spend a few summertime hours. Standing in the middle of a stream when no one else is around  while you pull in another rainbow or brownie. Maybe siting in your john-boat with a line tossed over the side while you lazily recline in the back sipping on a cool refreshing beverage. These are definitely times to relish, but if you really want to make a memory, you have to be willing to share. When I was younger I would always go fishing with my dad or big brother. They always knew the best spots and they were never shy about showing me where the best spots were. They taught me a lot about amateur fishing and their knowledge always seemed to produce fish. We would fish in all types of weather, from hot summer days to an icy cold downpour in late fall and yet because of them we always seemed to catch a few fish. I remember one day that my brother, my father and myself were all walking down a stream. We started the day by steppin into the water at Zealand picnic area in Twin Mountain, NH. What makes this such a great memory to me is that while my brother and I were chest deep in water fishing with our hands above our heads, my dad was nice and dry, walking down the side of the stream and pointing out the fish that he could see from his vantage point. My dad would point to the water and say “there’s a fish”, then proceed to hook and land that same fish. Dad skunked us that day but we loved it. It was truly a great day. It is one memory that is mine forever. We as anglers need to take advantage of the times we have in order to create these good memories, because time eventually catches up with us. Find someone to share your fishing trip with. Your sons or daughters, nephews or nieces or maybe just a really good friend. Having someone with you to share a day of fishing will make the day even better, simply because you’ll have someone there that you can build and share a memory with. My dad passed away today, but this is only one of the many wonderful memories he has given me. I love you Pop.Pop

The Amateur Angler

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