Brand Name Fish

Largemouth Bass,                                     Smallmouth Bass,                                 Rainbow Trout,

Largemouth Bass          Smallmouth Bass          Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout,                                                    Brown Trout,                                       Lake Trout,

Brook Trout          Brown Trout          Lake Trout

Salmon,                                                           Northern Pike,                                      Muskellunge,

Salmon      Northern Pike      Muskellunge

Walleye…                                                     Black Crappie,

Walleye          Black Crappie…these are the brand names of fishing here in NH. These are the fish that fisherman want to catch. These are the fish that people consider when making plans for their next fishing trip. If you want to go fishing then most likely one of the above species is the reason you are going. These are some of the finest fishing you will get in the State of NH and they are well worth the time you can put in, in your hunt for these fish.

Now, with that said, let me tell you about the great day of fishing I had this weekend with my brother and  my nephew. We started out the day P1010027wanting to go fishing for trout, but really any of the above species were acceptable.

Epsom MapIt started out a cool rainy overcast day in the low 40’s with the promise that it would warm up and dry out as the day went on. We started fishing on the Suncook River. We stopped at a really nice pool (above)  just off Short Falls Road in Epsom, NH (see map to right). This is a really nice pool that usually holds some nice trout. We spent three hours here, gabbing, joking, having a good time, and oh yeah we fished. We caught a few chubs, but no trout.

Epsom Map 2After that we got some lunch and finally ended up lower on the same Suncook River just a few miles south of our previous location. As you can see on the map we fished the section of the river that is inside the red circle, but we finally settled on the point of the arrow. Here we caught a lot of fish. We caught chubs, shiners, white perch, yellow perch, and even a large sucker. While any serious fisherman will look upon this as a failed fishing trip, we as amateurs have to look at it as a great day. We went fishing. We caught fish. We had fun. Success!

Sure, it would have been nice to catch a trout or two, but my brother and I practice catch and release, so we would have let the trout go anyways. That being the case, it didn’t really matter to us what we caught, as long as we caught fish. The fun part was that at one point my brother was standing on a low bank right by the river and as he cast his line, he lost his footing. Next thing you know he is on his butt and his legs are in the water. Up to this point, he could not catch a fish but as soon as he got wet…  fish just started biting for him. He even ended the day with the heaviest fish.

Let me speak to the heart of every amateur. Have fun catching the fish you catch and don’t worry about the fish you don’t catch. Take someone to share the day and have fun regardless of how many or what kind of fish you catch. Below is a few photos of the fish we caught on this great day.

P1010042 Fish P1010036 P1010040 P1010043 P1010044Fish Fish 2

Tight lines, The Amateur Angler

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