Enjoying the Small Things

Fish 13Would you like to know the secret to enjoying fishing to its fullest potential? It’s a simple thing really. Learn to love the small fish. Sometimes I have the best fishing experiences when we are catching the small fish. Of course we use light lines and smaller hooks but catching the small ones can be just as enjoyable as catching the big ones.

Today I went fishing with my brother and nephew, and we specifically went out looking for the small fish. On an overcast day such as today the smaller fish tend to be more aggressive than the bigger fish making it easier to catch quite a few of them. As you can see, we caught plenty of small fish and with the light lines we were using, they were truly fun to catch.

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What makes this kind of fishing so much fun is the fact that all three of us enjoyed catching the small ones. We had a good day because we had fun, joked about the fish and teased each other about whose fish was smallest. Today, my nephew caught the smallest fish which was only a few inches long. It didn’t even seem like the fish could get the hook in its mouth, but according to my nephew it was still fun to catch.

Just like in your everyday life, you need to learn to enjoy the small things. Fishing for, and catching the small fish can be an enjoyable way to spend some time with people you care about. If you need to have a big one on your line in order to have a great time fishing then you are missing out on all the fun that small fish have to offer.

Do yourself and those you care about a great favor, learn to love the little fish and pass that love down to those you care about. It really will increase your love for fishing and also the amount of fun you will have.

Tight lines, the Amateur Angler.

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