First Fish

Want to see a wonderful thing? Take someone fishing who hasn’t been before and watch their face when they hook and eventually land their first fish. I don’t care how old you are, the smile caused by a first fish is always a special thing to see. I myself had the opportunity to see this smile earlier in the season when I took my wife fishing. My wife did not grow up in a fishing family as I did so this is the first year that she has even been fishing. I took her to a few places and as usual the fishing is always hardest when you want someone to catch a fish.

I think it was harder on me than it was on her. I taught her to cast and to reel and how to put some action on the bait, but the fish seemed as if they could tell she was new and refused to get hooked up so she could reel them in. Sure she had fun casting and then there were the exciting times when a fish hit her bait, but they wouldn’t stay on. A few time they even broke the water as her bait neared the surface which was exciting for her and for me, but each time I silently wished that a fish would get hooked up so that she could reel it in.

1st fish

We were at the Androscoggin River in 13 mile woods between Dummer and Errol NH when it finally happened. I put on a live worm for her and she cast her offering out into the river and we waited. Suddenly I saw the tell tale sign of a fish when her rod tip started to slightly wiggle. I said to her, you have a fish on, but she didn’t see the wiggle of the tip so she said, no I don’t.  I smiled, picked up her rod, gave it a quick jerk and handed the rod to her saying to reel him in.

As soon as she started to reel and felt the weight and struggle of the fish on the other end her face lit up and MY fishing day became a wonderful success. She reeled in the small river chub with a squeal and a huge smile on her face. Let me tell you. Seeing that smile made me feel absolutely fantastic.

Now while I can’t show you her smile because she is camera shy, I can at least show you her first fish. click the photo to see it full size.

My friends, take the time to introduce someone into the world of fishing like I have with my wife. If you have patience to teach them and help them along you will eventually be rewarded with that first fish smile.

Tight lines, the Amateur Angler

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