Trying Something New

Last Saturday, June 6,  I spent a day of fishing with my brother and my nephew. As always we had no particular species that we were after as we were really only trying to catch a good day. One in which we could make some great memories.

Today’s blog is about trying something new. For a lot of people, trying something new is no problem, but when  you have a lure in your tackle box that you KNOW will produce fish and your goal is to catch fish, then passing that up in favor of something untested gets harder.

CoveAnyone who has read my blog with some regularity will have noticed a few consistencies in the types of rods I use, the lines I use, the baits I use and even the bodies of water I fish as was the case today when we went to the upper section of the Androscoggin River. Whenever I go fishing, I usually have with me 4 different rod/reel combinations which allow me to cover a wide range of fish species and sizes of fish. The same holds true for my two co-fisherman.

My equipment consists of a 5′ microlight rod/reel loaded with 2# test, a 5.5′ ultralight rod/reel with 4# test, a 7′ medium heavy spinning rod/reel with 6# test, and a 7.5′ heavy action bait cast rod/reel loaded with 10# spider wire. With these 4 rods I can cast any lure I have in my box, from the smallest 1/16th ounce spoon to the heaviest 1.5 ounce jig.

Through the years though there has always been one lure that has worked for us no matter the weather conditions, no matter the time of day, no matter the temperature and no matter the type of fish we want. This lure works so well for us that we refer to it as old faithful. Quite simply put, the three of us could go fishing with only this lure available and we would still have a great day of catching fish.

GrubSo what is it already? You might well be asking. It is the 1.5″ to 3″ white twirl tail grub on a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce jig head (as seen here). Quite literally if we are having a skunk day, we just switch to a light rod and this lure and we WILL catch fish.

It is the one lure that the three of us have come to depend on more than any other lure, in fact, I feel that this lure has acted like a crutch to us. It has been a reason to NOT try anything new for years. I mean why try something new when you KNOW you can catch fish using this lure?

fishChoosing to fish with something you have never tried before over the lure you KNOW will catch you fish is a difficult thing, but today I planned for it by leaving my microlight and ultralight rods at home. I took old faithful off the menu so that I had no choice but to try something else, and I am glad I did because this was the result.

The lure I used was a balsa 3″ long, 6 hinged body yellow perch swimbait quite similar to the one below. I cast it into deep water and reeled it into the shallows when this 5# small mouth came from the depths and hit it hard.

Perch LureThis fish was the memory the three of us were hoping to catch when we began the day. I thanked the fish for the memory and gently held it in the water. It didn’t bolt away or even rush off. It’s as if it knew we meant it no harm. It seemed carefree as it swam beside the boat letting us admire it for a few moments longer before silently sinking out of sight.

My friends this is a lesson worth trying. Maybe you have an old faithful in your tackle box that stops you from trying something new. Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and just maybe a bit of fishing magic will happen for you.

Tight lines, the Amateur Angler.

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