When All is Said and Done

Three Amigos

Today I was looking through all of the photos I have taken on my fishing adventures over the last three years and as I was silently reliving those memories and making myself smile to all the fish I have caught, I had an epiphany.  I have hundreds of photos of myself holding nice fish that I have caught, and if you have read any of my blog then you have seen quite a few of them. I also have many photos of my fishing companions, namely my brother and nephew, and I really enjoyed reviewing them as well, but the epiphany came when I was looking at photos that had no fish in them.

The only focus of the camera was people. I found when looking at these photos I smiled the longest and it was a smile that I could feel in my heart. I realized that catching fish is a fantastic way to relax and have a good time, but when the fish is gone and faded from memory, it is the people that I shared these moments with that will remain etched in my memories. I may not always remember that I caught a 10 lb. largemouth on such and such a day, but I will always remember the day my brother and I shared the moment he caught his biggest bass ever. I will always remember the day that my brother, nephew and I shared a lunch in the woods while taking a break from fishing. These are the moments that are more important to me than the actual fish.

You can go fishing by yourself and catch a monster 20 lb Bass but with no one to share in your joy it would just be another fish story. You can tell the story to other people, but they weren’t there. They will never be as excited about your catch as you were. With someone else there, you share in a bond of fishing. You share in the camaraderie of the battle and of the catch. You share in a connection to another that will last for years and even decades.  These are the important memories. The one that sustain a person’s soul.

You may not feel the same way as I do, and that is perfectly alright. There is no one here who will condemn you for feeling differently. But if you find yourself thinking about loved ones and of the good memories you have built with them and you are smiling because of my few humble words, then you definitely relate to what I have said.

Tight lines, the Amateur Angler

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