NH anglers have a place to share

NH FishfinderThere is a site where NH anglers can go to share information about catches and places to fish. Although the site has been around for awhile, I only recently discovered it. It’s not a very busy site as a lot of the posts are older, but if more and more NH anglers go there to shares their fishing trips, then it will prove to be a source of valuable information to us all.

I encourage you to go there and share a fishing trip with us all. Tell us where and when you went on a fishing trip in NH. Let us know what you caught and on what. Share advice on tackle and techniques. Offer tips that work for you.

We NH anglers need to help each other enjoy fishing to its fullest and sharing an enjoyable fishing trip may get someone else into fishing.

The site is NH Fishfinder. You can find the link to the right in my fishing links.

The Amateur Angler

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