NH Fish and Game Launches New Smartphone App

Hello all NH outdoor enthusiasts. In case you haven’t heard, the NH Fish & Game dept. has launched a new and totally free Iphone and Android app. It is call Pocket Ranger and it is for all skill levels of outdoorsmen and women with information on fishing, hunting, boating and wildlife watching in this great state of New Hampshire.

The app provides:NH Fish App

  • News, advisories, and weather alerts
  • Social networking and photo sharing
  • Cacheable map tiles for offline use
  • Advanced GPS mapping features
  • Friend Finder
  • Built-in compass

You can also use the app to record trail distance and time elapsed; mark and photograph waypoints to keep track of wildlife sightings; and recall, post or share saved data.

Powered by Pocket Ranger® technology, this official app serves as an interactive outdoor guide and delivers immediate access to species profiles, rules and regulations, and important permit and licensing details.

The official New Hampshire Fish & Wildlife Pocket Ranger® Smartphone App is available on the App Store and Google Play.  To download the app, visit www.wildnh.com/about/app.html

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