Fishing and Firearms


Greetings my fellow amateur anglers.

Today I am taking a break from the normal fishing blog story. You may have noticed a link on my page that is not about fishing. The link is for Raven Firearms Training. I know that this is not technically a fishing link, but the reason I have decided to put it on here is because, if like me, you go out fishing alone, or if you traipse through the woods to get to the fishing spots you fish, then there’s no telling what kind of wildlife you might meet and having a firearm just might come in handy. Likewise, in today’s world, having a firearm for self defense may be a consideration for you.

Now the reason I have the link is because I recently had the honor of attending a class with Crystal and Jake at Raven Firearms Training and I came away with a respect for their professionalism and knowledge as well as a huge smile after learning the basics of safely handling and shooting a firearm. Crystal and Jake are retired US Marines with over 45 years of combined experience in tactical shooting and firearms safety and hold numerous past certifications with the National Rifle Association, Sig Sauer Academy, and other institutions. I took their “Know your Gun” course and I could not have been more interested in the information they imparted to me.

Crystal was remarkable in the classroom and my wife found her to be a fantastic instructor on the range. I too was on the range, learning from Jake. Jake’s approach to helping the student learn made the range time both fun and informative. He did not “show off” his shooting prowess but did allow his expertise to be seen allowing me to understand shooting basics and I could not have asked for someone better to learn from. I fully intend to take another class when I have the time.

In today’s society, every man and woman needs to be able to defend themselves, their families, their friends and their 2nd amendment right. If you are able to legally purchase a gun, then I encourage you to do so, but learn to use that firearm properly and safely by taking a course with a certified instructor, and if you live anywhere near northern NH then you would make a great choice of instructors by going to Crystal and Jake at Raven Firearms Training.

tight lines, the Amateur Angler


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