Hot time at hot hole

Finally, I got to go fishing again and it was a fantastic day. Opening day for trout was last Saturday, April 23 and I cannot remember an opening day when it wasn’t cold and rainy, but oh my gosh, this day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out so the temperature was in the high fifties which compared to normal was practically a heat wave. The three of us went to Hot Hole Pond in Louden NH and had a great day of catching fish. The Brookies were active and a whole lot of fun to catch. We launched our boat, but unlike everyone else who seemed to think trolling was the way to go, we stayed in this one small area of about two hundred feet, drifting back and fourth, and catching trout after trout.

The fish were a little camera shy I think as they were hard to hold onto long enough to get a good picture. My brother snapped this photo just after I got slapped in the face with a wet tail.

It was all good though because not only did it give us all a good laugh, but it makes for a great memory. Years from now I’ll hear “remember that time the Brookie slapped you in the face?” and we’ll have another good laugh I’m sure.

At the end of our day, we discovered that people had been watching us have a great time catching fish in our one little area because no sooner had we vacated the area when all these boats moved into our vacated spot.

Open Day Boats

It truly was a great day to make memories. I hope you all have someone you can share these times with.

tight lines, the Amateur Angler

6 thoughts on “Hot time at hot hole

  1. Looks like you had a terrific time!

    I loved that the fish were “camera shy”! I will shamelessly steal that line! Well, and credit you as well.

    Tight lines!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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    • Today I went fishing at Hawkins Pond in Center Harbor. No bass. One fish: a little perch not much bigger than the lure that caught him! Had a bigger perch on later, but managed to release it from a distance!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole


    • Thanks for commenting. I hope the 2016 season is good for us all. A good year means we’ll all have plenty to write about and reading everybody’s blog is the next best thing to actually fishing. Best of luck to you.

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