An All Bass Day

P1020489The morning sunrise breaking slowly over the fully green trees was casting a generous shadow on perfectly still water as we launched the 14’ Jon boat onto Moore Reservoir in Littleton, NH. We are early enough that there is no one else to blight the serene beauty and calmness of our little fishing sanctuary. We know we are lucky to have this moment, enjoying an unspoiled scenic view and a silence that breaks your heart to destroy. These are the moments you hope to share with friends and family. This is the kind of tranquility that requires an appreciation for the serene, when nature’s vast beauty reaches into you’re core and pulls a smile from deep within and plants it squarely on your face.

Today, the only other ripples on the flat water are caused by Bass breaking the surface tension while trying to shake the lures they were tricked into hitting. Each fish, large and small putting up a fight full of excitement. It seems today that the only competition for the Smallmouths were the abundant Rock Bass that were hitting our lures harder than their stature would imply. For small fish, they con’d us with their fight making us believe they were the big one only to laugh in our faces when we released their diminutive selves back into the water.

P1020511 P1020488 P1020493 P1020496 P1020503 P1020505P1020506  P1020507

P1020508The Rock bass were so active that when we stopped for lunch, my nephew tried fishing from a perch on a fallen tree. He was standing at least 8′ above the water, casting to the two stumps you can see in the photo which was only about  18″ of water.







It didn’t matter, he still caught fish.





tight lines, the Amateur Angler

good company + good fishing = great memories


4 thoughts on “An All Bass Day

  1. Beautifully written! You really communicated the tranquility and peace of the scene, and the excitement of catching feisty fish — big, small, largemouth, rock.

    Love the photos, and the humor. And I see your inherited your fishing passion, as well as your knack for catching them, big and small!

    Well done! Look forward to hearing more!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole


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