Almost a record – A Most spectacular catch

Hello my fellow amateurs. I am going to relate a couple of fishing techniques that I started trying out this weekend and though I cannot say that these were the reason for my fishing experience, I can say, for me, these techniques worked for me on this day in this body of water. I was out on my canoe on Saturday and not doing very well. I sat there thinking that maybe today was not the day for fishing. I was actually using three different set ups as I had three poles with me. I had a spinning rod/reel loaded with 30# Power Pro Braid hi-vis yellow and a 3” Perch swimbait on one rod, a baitcaster with 12# mono hooked up with a terminator frog on another rod and a second spinning rod/reel loaded with 30# Power Pro Braid hi-vis yellow and a green pumpkin plastic worm. None of it was working and then I got to thinking about a video I once saw. I wish I could remember the name of the video so I could put the link. Anyway I remembered something about taking a marker and coloring the last few feet of braided line to make it harder to see. I figured, what the heck. I had a marker on me and it couldn’t hurt so I used my black sharpie and colored the line on my green pumpkin worm rod up to two feet above my bait.

In the water, I could not see the colored line so I figured maybe the fish wouldn’t be able to see it either. I immediately caught a pickerel…


And then another.

pickerel 2.png

Ok, so maybe this works.

My second epiphany came on Monday shortly before 5 p.m. I was fishing my green pumpkin rod and casting toward shore from 20 yards out when this occurred to me. It’s going to sound silly to some while others might say that make sense. I started thinking… If I were a worm and I fell out of a tree into the water, or a bird dropped me into the water then what would I want to do? I figured if I were a worm then I would probable want to get back to dry land and that means heading towards shore, not away from it like I was fishing. So, I moved my canoe up against the shoreline so that I was just a couple of feet off and I was fishing so that my worm came parallel to the shore.


On the second cast, I felt a weight on my retrieve so I set the hook and the fight was on. Sometimes the fish was swimming away from me and then he would turn and swim directly at me so that I had to crank my reel in order to keep up. When he went directly under the canoe, my bionic blade rod almost bent in half and I was sure that it was about to snap but I was able to turn the rod enough that it slipped past the end of the canoe. This fish never came up and I never caught a glimpse of him as I fought to keep him on the line. After a short time though he seemed to tire and I was able to get him closer to the boat. When I saw him swim by the canoe I almost had a heart attack. I scrambled to get my net while holding my rod in one hand and the fish seemed to sense a chance as he went shooting away as fast as possible. Thank god I had my drag set properly as all he did was pull line out and not snap it. Once I had the net ready I was able to concentrate on getting him closer again and after a few minutes, I was able to get him in the net.

I could not believe I had this fish. He turned out to be the biggest bass I have ever caught. A 23”, 8.1# largemouth lunker. The NH state record is 25.8” 10.8#. It was never even a choice I had to make, as once I took the picture I held him softly in the water moving him back and forth until he was able to get his bearings and swim away leaving me with a fantastic memory.

This photo really doesn’t do this fish justice on just how big it is.

8.1 lbs.pngthe place.JPG

Friends, I hope each and every one of you can experience a catch like this just once in your life.

tight lines, the Amateur Angler

7 thoughts on “Almost a record – A Most spectacular catch

  1. Awesome post!

    What a bass! Way larger than any bass I’ve ever caught. Interesting thought about retrieving the worm back to the shore. Seems like it really worked!

    I love the tip about the black marker. I use 30 lb. PowerPro braided line. It’s green, but will try marking it black!

    Great tips and what a wonderful adventure!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment Roger.

      I can’t say if that’s the reason I caught this bass, but I’ve learned to try anything once no matter how weird it sounds. I don’t discard any ideas until I’ve tested them for myself and then, if the idea works for me I’ll continue to use them. I’m not sure that’s what a worm thinks, but what the heck, it was definitely worth trying.

      Amateur Angler


    • Thank your for the comment Doug. I learned a few years back not to rule anything out just because it it was different and I didn’t think it would work. Some of the strangest ideas have yielded the largest fish for me. Tight Lines.


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