Home of the Amateur Angler

I am an amateur angler. This site is dedicated to the amateur fisherman or fisherwoman. You will not find expert analysis, professional advice or in-depth articles about the differences in fish and/or fishing gear. What you will find is amateur articles about the gear I am using to fish with, amateur stories about the waterways that I fish and amateur advice that will hopefully help you, my fellow amateur catch a few more fish.

If you are new to the world of fishing and just want to get out and have a good time catching fish, then I hope what I have to offer will strengthen your enjoyment of fishing.

Click on “THE FISH BLOG” above right to read my latest posts.

If you have any fishing questions about the places I fish or the gear I use, or if you’d like to share a story about fishing with friends or family feel free to contact me.

“good company + good fishing = great memories”

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