You actually can teach an old dog new tricks;

P1010456My nephew has taught me a pretty good fishing lesson this year that I’d like to share with you. That lesson is to not fall into a comfort zone with your fishing lures. In other words, just because you have used your lures in the past and they have worked fine for you, don’t become hardened to the opportunity of trying something new. My nephew has been using this weird camouflage plastic worm for fishing and he has caught some pretty good fish on it, but I in my “I know what gear I like” attitude could not fathom that fish would actually bite on a “camouflage” worm. Are you crazy? It’s camouflage!


I became complacent to learning new things and my attitude that “I’ve been fishing longer than you so I know more than you” was keeping me from trying this lure and I paid a price without knowing it. That price? I could have been catching more and larger fish.

A few weeks ago though after watching him catch fish after fish on this stupid colored worm, I gave up and gave it a try and when I was finally able to accept the information that my nephew had to share the result is the bass you see on this page (click the photos to see them larger). In fact, I have caught larger fish on this lure than I was catching on my normal gear.


Want to know what this strange worm looks like? Here it is…

Shim-e-stik 2

…the Strike King 5″ Shim-e-Stik in Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse. Let me tell you, this little worm is a true gem.

So my friends, the lesson I share with you all now is my nephew’s lesson. Just because someone is younger than you or has less fishing experience than you, doesn’t mean that you cannot learn from  them.  If you open yourself up to the teaching of these younger fisherman you may just start catching bigger fish, just like I did.

Tight lines, the Amateur Angler

P1010444  P1010426 Fish 02 P1010380P1010453

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